Alginate Medical Wound Dressing

Medical Wound Dressing Product Performance:
1. It is the mixture of natural seaweed and Calcium ion, and has good biocompatibility.
2. Gel could be formed when the dressing absorbs exudates and blood, it could protect the wound area and promote the wound healing.
3. The dressing has excellent absorbency, it is soft and comfortable.
4. Release of Calcium ion could activate prothrombin, and could stop bleeding effectively.
5. No adherence to the wound, it will protect the nerve terminals, reduce pain and easy to be peeled off.
6. Maceration of the skin around the wound will not occur.
7. It is biologically degradable and environment-friendly.
8. It is soft and can be used to fill the wound.

1. All kinds of moderate and heavy exudated wounds,
2. All kinds of acute and chronic wounds hemorrhagic wounds.
3. All kinds of difficult healing wounds such as leg ulcer, bedsore, diabetic ulcer, post-operative wounds of tumour and abscess.
4. Skin-donor sites.

1. It is not suitable for dry wound.
2. Make sure the wound area is clean and dry before using dressing,
3. Alginate dressing should be 2cm bigger than the wound area to make sure that dressing could cover skin 
4. The dressing should be stayed on wound less than one week.
5.  Make sure the size, depth of the cavity wound befor using, fill the wound from bottom. 

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